meniul Brancusi Lloyd
Table of Silence

38 RON

Smoked goose breast with fried polenta and smoked plum jam (7), 150 gr.


140 RON

Foie gras terrine with red onion jam and cranberries, crispy leeks, mango puree, (1) 160 gr.

Gate of The Kiss

100 RON

Trout fillet steam perfumed with ginger and aromatic herbs, turmeric and parsley potato chunks, lemon and orange sauce (4), 200/100/50 gr.

King of Kings

180 RON

Tournedo Rossini accompanied by foie gras, black truffles, and a bouquet of vegetables, 180/150 gr.

Wisdom of the Earth

35 RON

Belgian chocolate mousse with a parsnip sponge cake with raspberry coulis flavored with star anise and pink pepper (1, 7), 100 gr.

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Dinner Event

Deeply rooted and inventive, the Brâncuși menu at Lloyd will impress Romanian and foreign guests alike, whether they are passionate about visual arts or gastronomy.

Book a tasting experience for your guests, and we will ensure that no one forgets the most spectacular culinary experience in the city.