Bucatari Lloyd
Tuna Tartare on a Wakame Seaweed Bed with Mango Puree

110 RON

Tuna fillet chopped with a knife, shallot, avocado, wakame seaweed, tomatoes, wasabi, sesame oil, white and black sesame, mango puree, homemade croutons, seasonings (1, 4, 11), 350 gr.

Provence Style Tuna

95 RON

Tuna fillet, cherry tomatoes, olives, capers, onion, garlic, olive oil, salt, pepper(4, 14), 300 gr.

Prime Beef Tomahawk with 4 Homemade Sauces

46 RON/100 gr.

Beef tomahawk, barbecue sauce, Mediterranean sauce, green pepper sauce and béarnaise sauce, salt, pepper (3, 7, 9, 10), 1200-1500 gr. tomahawk, 100 gr./sauce

Chèvre Frais – Salad with goat cheese, figs, melon

41 RON

Goat cheese, cantaloupe, figs, organic green salad, yogurt dressing with lime and oranges, croutons (1, 7), 400 gr.

Belgian chocolate fondant with almond flakes and vanilla icecream

38 RON

Belgian chocolate, cocoa, sugar, butter, almond powder, fruit, eggs, almond flakes, vanilla ice cream (3, 7, 8), 150 gr.


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